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Level 7


  • Description: You are a leader and a pillar of the community.
  • Actions: Organize events, lead groups, contribute to community guidelines.
  • Rewards: Champion badge, 2000 points, exclusive access to special events and beta features.

Level 6


  • Description: You’re a key voice in the community.
  • Actions: Write articles, host webinars, mentor new members.
  • Rewards: Influencer badge, 1000 points, priority support, featured member status.

Level 5

Community Builder:

  • Description: You're helping grow and shape the community.
  • Actions: Invite friends, provide feedback, volunteer as a moderator.
  • Rewards: Community Builder badge, 500 points, special recognition in the community.

Level 4


  • Description: You're building connections and engaging regularly.
  • Actions: Start discussions, reply to comments, share content.
  • Rewards: Engager badge, 300 points, unlocks the ability to create polls and events.

Level 3


  • Description: You’re actively participating and sharing.
  • Actions: Post a comment, like posts, participate in polls.
  • Rewards: Contributor badge, 200 points, access to exclusive content.

Level 2

  • Description: You're getting familiar with the community.
  • Actions: Browse articles, join a discussion, follow topics of interest.
  • Rewards: Explorer badge, 100 points, unlocks the ability to comment and like posts.


RSVP for an event on RetirementCommunity.com to reach this level

1 Requirement

  • Check-in at an event 1 time

Level 1

  • Description: Welcome! You're just starting your journey.
  • Actions: Sign up, complete your profile, introduce yourself.
  • Rewards: Welcome badge, 50 points, access to basic community features.

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