Questions To Ask Retirement Communities

  1. What does the monthly service fee include?
  2. What other services and amenities are available?
  3. What types of residences are available?
  4. Will I be able to customize my home or apartment?
  5. Is additional storage space available?
  6. Is parking available near my home?
  7. Are shuttle services available on the property?
  8. Are we allowed to have pets?
  9. Does your community offer guest rooms for out-of-town guests?
  10. What is your commmuities Mission Statement?
  11. What health care services does your community offer?
  12. What will happen when my health care needs change?
  13. Do I need long term care insurance at your community?
  14. Will I pay real-estate taxes or need to carry home insurance?
  15. Who is available to help me explore the financial, legal, and logistical aspects of moving to your community?
  16. What steps do I take to make an application for an existing house or apartment?
  17. How soon can I move to your community?
  18. What is the entrance fee and what does it cover?
  19. If I move into your community then later decide against living there, do I forfeit my entire entrance fee?
  20. Is any portion of the monthly fee tax-deductible?
  21. Who decides when a resident must move permanently to the healthcare facility?
  22. What kinds of activities may I participate in at your community?
  23. Is there a waitlist and if so how does it work?