Independent Living Checklist

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Is the community’s immediate area attractive?

Does the community provide easy access to recreational opportunities (parks, beaches, golf courses, country clubs, walking trails, etc.)?

Is the community convenient to shopping?

Is the community convenient to medical centers, places of worship and other services?

Is the community convenient to cultural attractions (museums, theaters, concert halls, gardens, historic sites, etc.)?

Is the community convenient to area transportation (public transportation, airports, highways, etc.)?
Your prospective home

Does the community offer a variety of home styles?

Is there an available home style that is attractive to you?

Will your furnishings fit well in the style or layout of the home?

Is there ample storage space?

Do the homes have good views?

Do the homes have individual climate control?

Is the kitchen well appointed and suitable to your needs?

Are all appliances included?

Are the finishes throughout (the carpet, cabinets, window treatments, fixtures, etc.) contemporary and to your taste?

Would you feel proud to entertain family and friends in your home at the community?
Community areas

Is the landscaping attractive and well maintained?

Is the architectural design aesthetically pleasing?

Is the decor in interior community areas tasteful and elegant?

Does the community have all the amenities that are important to you (for example, a comfortable dining room, a lounge, a fitness center, a computer room, etc.)?

Are there attractive gathering areas (lounges, club rooms, card rooms, etc.)?

Is it easy to get from the homes to community areas?

During your visit, did you see residents using the community areas?

Are the dining venues attractive and reflective of the types of places you would enjoy eating?

Are the menus varied and attractive?

Does the community have a classically trained executive chef and pastry chef?

Does the community offer healthy menu options?

Will you have a choice of dining plans?

Does the community offer private dining spaces?

Will the staff provide catering arrangements for your private functions?
Services and programs

Does the community provide services such as housekeeping, maintenance, concierge assistance and scheduled transportation?

Are there other conveniences available on site if you wish to pay for them (for example, dry cleaning pickup, salon services, banking, etc.)?

Does the community provide a full calendar of activities for residents?

Do you find plenty of scheduled activities that will be stimulating and of interest to you?

Does the community have a dedicated resident services and programs staff?

Does the community have a resident council that acts as a liaison between residents and community management?

Does the community offer (or enable access to) a continuum of care, should a need arise in the future?

Are you comfortable with the quality of care provided?

Is care provided in a residential setting that reflects the design and quality you saw in independent living?
The staff

Did members of the staff smile and make eye contact with you?

Did the staff person who accompanied you know residents and staff by name?

Were you able to meet the top manager of the community or any of the management team?

Do staff members display a genuine commitment to residents and to their work?

Have staff members been with the community for a long period of time (if applicable)?

Do you feel a sense of hospitality and compassion throughout the community?

Did the staff person who accompanied you seem to have what’s best for you in mind rather than their own interests?
Your prospective neighbors

Are the residents friendly and outgoing?

Did you see plenty of activity (participation in programs and events, etc.) during your visit?

Were residents willing to talk and share their perspectives with you?

Do the residents seem to be people with interests similar to yours?

Will this community “feel” like home?

Do you get a strong sense of quality and attention to detail throughout the community?

Do you believe you would be happy living in this community?