Assisted Living Community Follow-up Checklist

Assisted Living Community Follow-up Checklist

Requested Documents:

  • A sample admission agreement
  • A copy of the Resident Bill of Rights
  • Latest state regulatory survey results
  • A list of weekly activities and events
  • A weekly menu of meals and snacks

Follow-up Conversations:

  • Cost: fees, transportation charges, funding stability, help with insurance
  • Staff: ratio, turnover rate, background checks, training, retention, staff qualifications
  • Care plan: assessment, written care plan, specific care available, medication management, emergency procedures

Additional Questions:

  • Renter’s insurance requirement
  • Inclusion of housekeeping, barber/beauty services in the price
  • Pet policy
  • Religious services availability
  • Visiting hours and overnight guests policy
  • Private time for couples and sexual interaction policy
  • Adult day program availability
  • Emergency preparedness strategy and plan.