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Social Security AnswersCarol Thomas has recently retired from the Social Security Administration after 28 years service. If you have any questions about Social Security, please ask. We will use the questions you send for future posts. I will never post anyone's name, or other identifiable information.

Do to an increase in the number of questions, replies may be delayed.

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• replacement Social Security card
   What I must do to obtain a replacement S/S card, Mine was destroyed.Support Replied ~ 01-03-2009 19:...
   Rating : Not rated      Views : 218      Date Add : 01-15-2009    

• stolen purse with my social security cards in it.
   what do I do to report my cards being stolenSupport Replied ~ 12-28-2008 18:02:29Dear Tonya: You nee...
   Rating : Not rated      Views : 230      Date Add : 12-29-2008    

• found lost Social Security check
   I reported my SSS check lost but after I returned from vacation I found the check in the middle of a...
   Rating : Not rated      Views : 177      Date Add : 01-25-2009    

• SSI Question
   My mom died in 97 and my father was receiving ss benefits for me, but he died in 00 and I recently f...
   Rating : Not rated      Views : 50      Date Add : 04-21-2009    

• social security eligibility
   my sister was married for two years had a child by this man . he got killed on his job and she drew...
   Rating : Not rated      Views : 16      Date Add : 06-05-2009    

• 401a and WEP
   I am with a special district for 10 years with a 401a defined contribution plan and they pay 10% and...
   Rating : Not rated      Views : 13      Date Add : 06-29-2009    

DISCLAIMER - You should consult with your local Social Security Office before acting upon any information received as a response to your question on "Social Security Advisor".

"Social Security Advisor" is intended to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is offered with the understanding that neither the publisher nor the author is engaged in rendering legal, accounting, investment or other professional advice or services.

Information obtained from, including e-mail responses from "Social Security Advisor" should be considered as general educational information. You must never rely upon the advice given here. Your individual situation may not fit the generalizations discussed. Only your local Social Security office can evaluate your individual situation and give you advice.

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Carol, thank you so very much for this info. I have really searched many sources without a straight answer such as yours is. This is an invaluable service you do and I appreciate it so much! The speed with which you answered shows true human concern. Keep up the good work, and best of luck!
Linda H 6/17/09
Thank you for your rapid response to my social security question, a person that cares about people enough to even offer part of his time for free is what we need running for goverment office perhaps even state represenitive; you certainly would have my vote!!!!! Again Thank You !
Roberta H - 5/22/09
What a maarvelous service you provide. I have shared you website with people at work.
Patti - 5/22/09
Carol was genuinely concerned and it showed....Carol is a real gem!!
D. Wiley Bowers - 12/12/08
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Thank you so much, you cannot believe how helpful this information is to me it will help me when I talk to the SS agent. Read More
Thank you so very much for your reply!
Some of this is confusing...and it seems when you ask someone at S.S. you get a different answer than the next person.
I appreciate your answer.
Mrs. Gibson - 10/24/08
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