Moving Services for Seniors

Moving services for seniors are specific services created to help senior-aged individuals move from any home to accommodations that better suit their needs. We believe that moving services specifically aimed at seniors are most beneficial at reducing the stress associated with major transitions such as these. Be sure to contact these companies early in order to take full advantage of their array of services.


Trial stays are encouraged, as this is an ideal way to familiarize yourself with all aspects of senior living. However, if you are unable to do this, there are other ways to make moving a more manageable experience.

Why You Should Work with Moving Services for Seniors

There are many reasons you should consider moving services specifically tailored to those transitioning from an established home to senior living.:

  • Families are dispersed. These days, families are more geographically spread out, which makes it more challenging to help loved ones as they transition to a retirement community. Employing a moving company allows for family members to provide support and assistance no matter how much distance separates them.
  • Movers can help plan an efficient, stree-free move. Movers can assist with every step in the moving process, ensuring that it is an organized, well-planned process meant to relieve the individual being moved of any distress associated with the logistics of moving. This can be an overwhelming process and these professionals are trained to handle all aspects of the transition.
  • Moving companies for seniors is a specialized service. This service differs from other moving companies, in that they are created specifically to meet the needs of seniors. These professionals have the experience and training working with individuals who have lived in their home for extensive periods of time and may be struggling to say goodbye to a space that holds so many memories. As a result, they engage the client with compassion and gentleness, while keeping the senior client looking forward to the next step in their life.

Planning Your Move

If you have engaged the services of a moving company for seniors, you can expect the company to provide you a wealth of support. Here are some of the advantages of using their services.

  • They are able to create an all-encompassing moving plan strategy that will meet all your needs.
  • They are able to organize, downsize, and sort items to help a client prioritize what they want,  providing valuable insight about what to keep and what to discard or donate. They can provide client access to online auction sales, consignment, donation, or any combination therein for disbursement of unwanted items.
  • They can create a floor plan to customize your new living space.
  • They can arrange to ship and store selected items.
  • They can oversee professional packing.
  • They can supervise unpacking and set up of the new living space.
  • They can arrange for associated services such as cleaning, garbage removal, help with selecting real estate assistance, and helping with sale of the family home.