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Retirement Party Planning

Retirement is the point in the life where a person stops employment completely and has all the time in his hands. But, different people have different views on retirement as some people consider it as one of the most relaxing time of their life and some people approach it with mixed emotions.

If you're planning a retirement party then you should be sensitive to the feelings of the retiree. You should ensure that all the celebrations are as upbeat as possible and you should 'honor' the life of the retiree. If the person is being forced into retirement then there's no point in emphasizing on how wonderful it will be to have all the time in the world for leisurely pursuits. You should be sensitive to the feelings of the retiree.

To make the most of the party, we recommend you to center your theme on the basis of guest of honor's interests, passions, dreams for the future and hobbies. To help you out in this process, we've outlined some theme ideas in the following sections. Choose the invitations, favors, decorations and games accordingly once you have carefully selected the theme of the party.

Being a host, you should also make sure that the celebrations reflect the caring and joy you have put into the planning. You should also enjoy the party and so, you should choose a theme which interests you and make sure it interests the guest of honor as well.



  • Golf - "Teeing up for an awesome Retirement!", "Retirement suits you to a Tee!"

  • Baseball - "A Grand Slam of a Career!", "Take me out to the Ballgame!"

  • Tennis - "Serving up wishes for an Ace Retirement"

  • Fishing - "Casting Wishes for a "Reel" Great Retirement!'

  • Sailing/Boating - "Bon Voyage", "Setting Sail for A Brighter Tomorrow", "Anchors Aweigh!"

  • Sports Spectator/Couch Potato - "King of the Remote", "Sports Fanatic!", "Take me out to the Ball Game!"

  • BOAT BUILDING- "Building a Better Tomorrow", "Anchor's Away!"

  • TRAVELING- "A World of Wonder Awaits!"

  • NATURE - Hiking/Camping - "The Great Outdoors awaits!" Environmentalist - "Rainforest Safari"

  • JIGSAW PUZZLES- "You've made this picture complete!"

  • MUSIC- "Set the Night to Music", "You've never missed a Beat!"


  • PRO WRESTLING- "Stone Cold Steve (retiree's name) retires at the Peak of his Career!"

  • WINE CONNOISSEUR- Wine Tasting party-"A Vintage Career!"

  • GARDENING- "Everything's Coming up Roses" or "Time to Blossom"

  • WOODWORKING/CRAFTING/SEWING- "Crafting a Brighter Tomorrow!"

  • RODEO/SQUARE DANCING-"Wild Wild West!", "Bye-Bye Buckaroo!"

  • FLYING/HOT AIR BALLOONING/SKYDIVING- "Flying High Into the Future!"

  • By choosing an appropriate theme, you're also helping out your guests in purchasing the gifts for the guest of honor as they can get the idea about his interests, hobbies from the theme of the party.


If you think that a trip down the memory lane would appeal the guest of honor then you may go with a theme with a nostalgic mood:


If you want to use a nostalgia theme then do as much research as you can about the career and the life of the person you are honoring. You may consider decorating a special chair for the guest of honor and then asking the individuals to come up with their toasts. If you are including a 'Roast' in your party then you may ask the roasters to balance the silly comments with the flattering comments as the main purpose of the party is to make the guest of honor feel good and to turn the retirement party into a memorable one. You may ask the guests to perform a skit, sing a song, present the photo presentation, play recorded messages and other things which will make the guest of honor feel special.

If the idea of spotlighting the whole career of the retiree doesn't seem to be too appealing then you may simply salute the decade in which the retiree's career started. If you need more ideas for your party then you can email us anytime. We'll be glad to help you plan your party.

Continuing with the ideas, these themes are always a big hit -

  • "RETRO THEME" - 60s & 70s

  • "FABULOUS FIFTIES" - A sock hop or just good old Rock n' Roll fun!

  • "SWING PARTY!" - A salute to the 40s!


  • TROPICAL PARADISE? - "Hawaiian Luau"

  • SANDY BEACH? - "Beach Bash"

  • YACHTING AROUND THE GLOBE? - "Anchors Away", "Nautical" or "Bon Voyage"

  • A DUDE RANCH? - "Wild Wild West!"

  • LAS VEGAS/MONACO? - "Casino Night"

  • THE AMAZON? - "It's a Jungle out there!"

  • GLOBE TROTTING? - "A World of Wonder Awaits!"

  • SULTRY SOUTH AMERICA? - "Mexican Fiesta!"

Also, try to include appealing lighting, delicious food, music and other things which you think will help you to decorate your party room so as to resemble a fantasy retirement location.

Some more general themes are -



  • "HOW BRIGHTLY YOU'LL ALWAYS SHINE!" - Stars, stars & more stars!




  • "WE'LL BE INSIDE OUT AND BACKWARD WITHOUT YOU!" - Encourage guests to wear attire inside out, present food in reverse order (every meal should start with dessert!), have banners and invitations written back-to-front, etc.

  • "IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE!" - Take guests on a safari!

  • "PROGRESSIVE DINNER" - Include all the favorites of the guest of honor at different homes, or choose multiple restaurants, and transport all the guests from place to place on a trolley or bus, or in limousines!

  • "TACKY NIGHT" - Hi-light everything tacky the guest of honor has embraced or avoided over the years!



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