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George W. Bush on the Hot Seat

Goodbye and good riddance to the Bush White House
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Deficit Calculator Deflates IOUSA Scare Story

Online calculator uses per person health care costs in other nations to clearly show that U.S. health care costs are the main cause of projected budget deficit woes...
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Shelby Smith image Dr. Smith has an earned Doctorate in Economics from Iowa State University of Science and Technology along with a Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Economics from the University of Wyoming. He started his professional career as a college professor and held professorships at several Midwestern and Southern universities. He entered the corporate arena as the Chief Economist of a Regional Federal Home Loan Bank, moved then into the banking business where he served as Economists, Chief Financial Officer, President & CEO, and Chairman of several institutions. He started a financial marketing company that catered to financial institutions and their clients by providing investment products. For the past twenty years Dr. Smith has been providing consultation and services to conservative investors and savers positioning their assets for retirement. In the process Dr. Smith has managed a broker dealer and held licenses that allowed him to offer securities and insurance products to the general public. He is currently the “ask the expert” at the Retirement Pros, a senior officer at BHC Marketing, Ltd., and writes newsletters and other retirement articles for the retirement-minded.
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