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In celebration of summer, here's one of my favorite recipes.

I try to eat what's in season and these days, it's a little easier on the pocketbook to pick up fresh vegetables at farm stands. An easy, yet nutritious summertime meal is grilled veggies and fish.
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Halfway Through The Year – Have You Met Your Healthy Living Goals?

It's hard to believe that July is here already – wasn't it just New Year's? Many of us set some goals for better fitness/ health back in January. How are you coming with those? Have you fallen off the track? Here are my suggestions for taking advantage of summer weather while keeping up with your goals for a healthier you....
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Why Golfers are using Pilates to Improve Their Game

Let's face it, most golfers don't train for their sport like runners, or soccer players. In addition, golf stresses one side of the body more than the other, so it's easy to injure our backs or become so uncomfortable that the game isn't fun anymore. Pilates can prevent this. Pilates exercises are known for improving posture and in the game of golf, maintaining proper posture can reduce the strain on your lower back and shoulders. ...
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Healthy Spring Cleaning

It's sunny today in the Berkshires - what a relief. The snow is actually beginning to melt. I've just come back in from walking (around the mud puddles and in a few) and it feels great. I love spring...
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April is Earth Month

4 Tips for Keeping Both Yourself AND the Planet Healthy...
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Easy Heart Healthy Tips

Valentines Day is around the corner and I wish you all a Healthy Heart. In keeping with that theme, I'd like to share some of my easy Heart Healthy tips that you can begin to incorporate into you daily activities, starting today! ...
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End chronic lower back pain without medication

How often do you get out of bed with a stiff back? OR reach to pick up the newspaper, feel a tingle and suffer through the rest of the day with a heating pad or an ice pack?...
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Why it's important to start with small steps.

In this article, Fitness Expert/Health Coach Kathi Casey discusses her approach to exercise and why it's important to start with small steps....
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3 easy tips for Relaxing Your Neck & Shoulders

How is your posture right this minute? Do you worry that your shoulders are starting to round? Have no fear – Help is on the way!...
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Author info
image Kathi Casey Kathi Casey is a renowned Pilates Instructor certified at the Body College in Washington DC; a Registered Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher trained at Yogaville in Buckingham, VA., one of the top Yoga Schools in the world; a Certified Acu-Yoga Teacher through the Acupressure Institute of Berkley California. In addition, she has taken advanced courses in Pilates, Somatics, Taiji QiQong, Tai Partner Yoga, Healing Touch and has over 20 yrs experience working with special needs populations.


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