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Latest Social Security Questions
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• I am 62 years old and am considering taking early retirement and collecting soc. sec. My questions is that I have a pension from IBM (retired) and will have one from the school district.
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• Hello Carol,
Was married to ex spouse for 16 years and that was 23 years ago. I am now almost 66 years old and have applied for ex spouse half payment for social security
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• Is she eligible to receive benefits from his earnings if she files for ex-spouse retirement benefits with social security?

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Recent Reviews

Tryon Estates - Columbus, North Carolina 28722   
Just visited a dear family member at tryon estates. The community is lovely. However, the food needs a lot of improvement. Most of the dinner options are sub-par. Other than the food, it was a lovely [View Listing]
Keystone Communities of Highland Park - Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116   
I do not recommend Keystone. They made all sorts of reassuring promises and we thought it would be a safe place for my father who is in Mid Stage Alzheimer's.

Immediately after mov [View Listing]
Wellington House - Gastonia, North Carolina 28054   
This place is not a good place for your love ones. The staff is uneducated, and are not at all skilled on Alzeheimer's care. Unless the workers, and staff have changed, this place is horrible. [View Listing]
Homestead At Hickory View - Washington, Missouri 63090   
The Homestead is a wonderful place and I enjoyed being able to have my Uncle to call it home for over 5 years. The staff is wonderful. The dietary team knows the residents and caters to their indivi [View Listing]

State Income Tax Laws

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Currently, 41 states impose an income tax. Two of them, New Hampshire and Tennessee, exempt wages, benefits, and pensions, and apply their taxes only to income derived from interest and dividends. Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming have no income tax.

Alabama State Income Tax Laws
Arizona State Income Tax Laws
Arkansas State Income Tax Laws
California State Income Tax Laws
Colorado State Income Tax Laws
Connecticut State Income Tax Laws
Delaware State Income Tax Laws
Georgia State Income Tax Laws
Hawaii State Income Tax Laws
Idaho State Income Tax Laws
Illinois State Income Tax Laws
Indiana State Income Tax Laws
Iowa State Income Tax Laws
Kansas State Income Tax Laws
Kentucky State Income Tax Laws
Louisiana State Income Tax Laws
Maine State Income Tax Laws
Maryland State Income Tax Laws
Massachusetts State Income Tax Laws
Michigan State Income Tax Laws
Minnesota State Income Tax Laws
Mississippi State Income Tax Laws
Missouri State Income Tax Laws
Montana State Income Tax Laws
Nebraska State Income Tax Laws
New Jersey State Income Tax Laws
New Mexico State Income Tax Laws
New York State Income Tax Laws
North Carolina State Income Tax Laws
North Dakota State Income Tax Laws
Ohio State Income Tax Laws
Oklahoma State Income Tax Laws
PennsylvaniaState Income Tax Laws
Rhode Island State Income Tax Laws
South Carolina State Income Tax Laws
Tennessee State Income Tax Laws
Utah State Income Tax Laws
Vermont State Income Tax Laws
Virginia State Income Tax Laws
West Virginia State Income Tax Laws
Wisconsin State Income Tax Laws

State Property Taxes

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In most states, property taxes are assessed and paid on the county level. However, some states also maintain websites which give information on a county-by-county basis, or allow you to estimate your likely property tax bill.

Alabama Property Taxes
Arizona Property Taxes
Arkansas Property Taxes
California Property Taxes
Colorado Property Taxes
Florida Property Taxes
Idaho Property Taxes
Illinois Property Taxes
Iowa Property Taxes
Kansas Property Taxes
Kentucky Property Taxes
Maine Property Taxes
Michigan Property Taxes
Minnesota Property Taxes
Mississippi Property Taxes
Missouri Property Taxes
Montana Property Taxes
Nevada Property Taxes
New Hampshire Property Taxes
New Jersey Property Taxes
New Mexico Property Taxes
New York Property Taxes
North Carolina Property Taxes
North Dakota Property Taxes
Ohio Property Taxes
Oklahoma Property Taxes
Oregon Property Taxes
Pennsylvania Property Taxes
South Carolina Property Taxes
South Dakota Property Taxes
Texas Property Taxes
Utah Property Taxes
Vermont Property Taxes
Washington Property Taxes
West Virginia Property Taxes
Wisconsin Property Taxes
Wyoming Property Taxes


State Elder Affairs Agencies

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Most states in the US currently fund agencies dealing with issues pertaining to aging populations. These are called by various names from one state to another.

Alabama Elder Affairs Agency
Alaska Elder Affairs Agency
Arizona Elder Affairs Agency
Arkansas Elder Affairs Agency
California Elder Affairs Agency
Colorado Elder Affairs Agency
Delaware Elder Affairs Agency
Florida Elder Affairs Agency
Georgia Elder Affairs Agency
Hawaii Elder Affairs Agency
Idaho Elder Affairs Agency
Illinois Elder Affairs Agency
Indiana Elder Affairs Agency
Iowa Elder Affairs Agency
Kansas Elder Affairs Agency
Louisiana Elder Affairs Agency
Maine Elder Affairs Agency
Maryland Elder Affairs Agency
Michigan Elder Affairs Agency
Minnesota Elder Affairs Agency
Mississippi Elder Affairs Agency
Missouri Elder Affairs Agency
Montana Elder Affairs Agency
Nebraska Elder Affairs Agency
Nevada Elder Affairs Agency
New Jersey Elder Affairs Agency
New Mexico Elder Affairs Agency
New York Elder Affairs Agency
North Carolina Elder Affairs Agency
North Dakota Elder Affairs Agency
Ohio Elder Affairs Agency
Oklahoma Elder Affairs Agency
Oregon Elder Affairs Agency
Pennsylvania Elder Affairs Agency
Rhode Island Elder Affairs Agency
South Carolina Elder Affairs Agency
South Dakota Elder Affairs Agency
Tennessee Elder Affairs Agency
Texas Elder Affairs Agency
Utah Elder Affairs Agency
Vermont Elder Affairs Agency
Virginia Elder Affairs Agency
Washington Elder Affairs Agency
West Virginia Elder Affairs Agency
Wisconsin Elder Affairs Agency
Wyoming Elder Affairs Agency

Medicaid Regulations by State

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All states in the US currently fund agencies dealing with issues pertaining to aging populations. These are called by various names from one state to another, but all perform the same basic functions.

Alabama Medicaid Regulations
Alaska Medicaid Regulations
Arizona Medicaid Regulations
Arkansas Medicaid Regulations
California Medicaid Regulations
Colorado Medicaid Regulations
Connecticut Medicaid Regulations
Delaware Medicaid Regulations
Florida Medicaid Regulations
Georgia Medicaid Regulations
Hawaii Medicaid Regulations
Idaho Medicaid Regulations
Illinois Medicaid Regulations
Indiana Medicaid Regulations
Iowa Medicaid Regulations
Kansas Medicaid Regulations
Kentucky Medicaid Regulations
Louisiana Medicaid Regulations
Maine Medicaid Regulations
Maryland Medicaid Regulations
Massachusetts Medicaid Regulations
Michigan Medicaid Regulations
Minnesota Medicaid Regulations
Mississippi Medicaid Regulations
Missouri Medicaid Regulations
Montana Medicaid Regulations
Nebraska Medicaid Regulations
Nevada Medicaid Regulations
New Hampshire Medicaid Regulations
New Jersey Medicaid Regulations
New Mexico Medicaid Regulations
New York Medicaid Regulations
North Carolina Medicaid Regulations
North Dakota Medicaid Regulations
Ohio Medicaid Regulations
Oklahoma Medicaid Regulations
Oregon Medicaid Regulations
Pennsylvania Medicaid Regulations
Rhode Island Medicaid Regulations
South Carolina Medicaid Regulations
South Dakota Medicaid Regulations
Tennessee Medicaid Regulations
Texas Medicaid Regulations
Utah Medicaid Regulations
Vermont Medicaid Regulations
Virginia Medicaid Regulations
Washington Medicaid Regulations
West Virginia Medicaid Regulations
Wisconsin Medicaid Regulations
Wyoming Medicaid Regulations

Driver's License Bureaus

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Alabama Driver's License Bureaus
Alaska Driver's License Bureaus
Arizona Driver's License Bureaus
Arkansas Driver's License Bureaus
California Driver's License Bureaus
Colorado Driver's License Bureaus
Connecticut Driver's License Bureaus
Delaware Driver's License Bureaus
Florida Driver's License Bureaus
Georgia Driver's License Bureaus
Idaho Driver's License Bureaus
Illinois Driver's License Bureaus
Indiana Driver's License Bureaus
Iowa Driver's License Bureaus
Kansas Driver's License Bureaus
Kentucky Driver's License Bureaus
Louisiana Driver's License Bureaus
Maine Driver's License Bureaus
Maryland Driver's License Bureaus
Massachusetts Driver's License Bureaus
Michigan Driver's License Bureaus
Minnesota Driver's License Bureaus
Mississippi Driver's License Bureaus
Missouri Driver's License Bureaus
Montana Driver's License Bureaus
Nebraska Driver's License Bureaus
Nevada Driver's License Bureaus
New Hampshire Driver's License Bureaus
New Jersey Driver's License Bureaus
New Mexico Driver's License Bureaus
New York Driver's License Bureaus
North Carolina Driver's License Bureaus
North Dakota Driver's License Bureaus
Ohio Driver's License Bureaus
Oklahoma Driver's License Bureaus
Oregon Driver's License Bureaus
Pennsylvania Driver's License Bureaus
Rhode Island Driver's License Bureaus
South Carolina Driver's License Bureaus
Tennessee Driver's License Bureaus
Texas Driver's License Bureaus
Vermont Driver's License Bureaus
Virginia Driver's License Bureaus
Washington Driver's License Bureaus
Wisconsin Driver's License Bureaus


  • LifeStream
    1701 Pilgrim Boulevard
    P.O. Box 308
    Yorktown, IN 47396
    (765) 759-1121 or (800) 589-1121

    LifeStream Services is an award-winning non-profit that provides products, services and help to older adults, disabled individuals, their families and their communities in East Central Indiana. We offer a wide array of quality products and services to help people with independent living solutions.   

    This site, operated by LifeStream Services, connects caregivers to resources to help them in their roles of providing quality care for their loved ones.


Assisted Living and Senior Resources, Nationwide
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  • SAGE for Social Work
    Council for Social Work Education
    175 Duke St.,Suite 500 
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    (703) 683-8080

  • Seniors4Hire
    A U.S. online national career center with job postings, employment resources, and info on community service employment programs for older workers, retirees and senior citizens.

  • Senior Net
    121 Second Street, 7th Floor 
    San Francisco, CA 94105

  • Social Security On-Line
    The official website of the Social Security Administration.

  • The Alzheimer's Association
    Information & Resources about Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders

  • US Department of Health
    (Official US Government Site)

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