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• I am 62 years old and am considering taking early retirement and collecting soc. sec. My questions is that I have a pension from IBM (retired) and will have one from the school district.
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• Hello Carol,
Was married to ex spouse for 16 years and that was 23 years ago. I am now almost 66 years old and have applied for ex spouse half payment for social security
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• Is she eligible to receive benefits from his earnings if she files for ex-spouse retirement benefits with social security?

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Recent Reviews

Tryon Estates - Columbus, North Carolina 28722   
Just visited a dear family member at tryon estates. The community is lovely. However, the food needs a lot of improvement. Most of the dinner options are sub-par. Other than the food, it was a lovely [View Listing]
Keystone Communities of Highland Park - Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116   
I do not recommend Keystone. They made all sorts of reassuring promises and we thought it would be a safe place for my father who is in Mid Stage Alzheimer's.

Immediately after mov [View Listing]
Wellington House - Gastonia, North Carolina 28054   
This place is not a good place for your love ones. The staff is uneducated, and are not at all skilled on Alzeheimer's care. Unless the workers, and staff have changed, this place is horrible. [View Listing]
Homestead At Hickory View - Washington, Missouri 63090   
The Homestead is a wonderful place and I enjoyed being able to have my Uncle to call it home for over 5 years. The staff is wonderful. The dietary team knows the residents and caters to their indivi [View Listing]

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Keystone Communities of Highland Park

1)Review added by Laura Patrie (06-28-2015)
I do not recommend Keystone. They made all sorts of reassuring promises and we thought it would be a safe place for my father who is in Mid Stage Alzheimer's.

Immediately after moving him we watched in disbelief the absolute incompetency of the staff. The management team was literally unapproachable and outright hostile. There is not enough room here to list all the egregious events that took place in 3 short months.. it was a living nightmare.

During intake we requested someone help my father in the mornings by taking his dirty clothes and put them in a hamper then stand by until he got into the shower and throw out his worn Depends. (not exactly rocket science) For some reason they assigned a care plan called "continence care" for this and charged an extra $58 PER DAY ($1,740 per month on top of close to $4000 base rent and additional $950 to give him meds)

We installed a Nanny cam in my father's room which Keystone was adamantly apposed to (our first red flag). Every morning we watched in astonishment. Instead of the tasks we requested the aide would come into his room, shout at him to wake up and then leave. She would return 30 minutes later and scold him like a child if he wasn't showered and dressed then proceed to threaten him that he would starve to death if he didn't get up and go to the dining room.

When we reported to management that the care tasks we requested were not being done they told us what we were requesting was not included in his "care plan" and we would have to pay more. When we asked why we were paying the extra $58 per day they would never give a straight answer and just pass the buck to another staff member or promise to look into it.. but never did. … Long story short, they continued to charge us but nothing changed.

When I reminded them we have a Nanny cam that proves that they were not providing any care.. They refused to review the surveillance clips and insisted we were getting the care we requested exactly "to a T" and they provide a "ton of specialized care" just for my dad….

This is one example of the "specialized care" they provided:

Dads health started to decline from the day he moved in… We had Doctors Orders (by Law they must follow) that Keystone give him 6 glasses of water per day because of his diabetes… They only gave him a 1 oz dixie cup of water with his meds 2 times per day and that was it… They defended that they provided enough fluid because he got a cup of coffee with every meal.(seriously?)

Finally one morning he got violently ill. He had 103 temp, his eyes were rolled back into his head and was half unconscious. His aide came into his room and just walked right by him took his garbage and left.. She never looked at him once or "noticed" that he was seriously Ill.

When I arrived 20 Mn later It took over 30 minutes for a nurse too come after pushing his emergency pendant. Once the nurse

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